Lowe Alpine Sting

Lowe Alpine Sting

Lowe Alpine Sting, Camouflage DPM Woodland

The Lowe Alpine Sting in the Dutch DPM Woodland Camouflage. A medium size backpack, which the army is subsequently used by the combat soldier. Intended for operational seriousness, commitment or exercises of longer duration. The Lowe Alpine Sting is known for exemplary ease of use, comfort and durability. Fully soldier proof, made of durable materials and features rock solid APS-back with adjustable length and lightweight bilaminaat waistband.

Furthermore it is the Lowe Alpine military backpack features the Torso Fit APS3 rugverstelsysteem, adjustable from 38 to 52 centimeters, one compartment, compression straps which included ritszijvakken can be secured, flap with internal and external zip pockets, ergonomic shoulder straps and chest strap with a development opportunity for extra volume. Furthermore, this backpack features two reinforced handles / lifting loops, pick elbe establishment, additional fastening loops serving opbouwtassenset modular, reinforced pole pockets and of course the Lowe Alpine Sting also drink bag preparation.

Arjan2016-09-15 14:03:25

De tas lowe alpine sting is top. Compleet met banden om van de zij tassen een kleine rugtas te maken. De handdoek valt me een beetje tegen kwa water opname maar is wel lekker compact. En de shemagh is top geen vliegen meer in me gezicht als ik op motor zit. Levering was ook dik in orde en wil eigenlijk nog wel een bestelling plaatsen.

Mika Valjakka2016-06-16 14:29:21

Superb condition packback. Fast delivery.

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