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Pup tent 1 man Dutch army camouflage Dutch DPM woodland

Pup tent 1 man Dutch army camouflage Dutch DPM woodland
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  • Model: NSN 8340-17-106-6375
  • Weight: 7.40kg
  • Dimensions: 250.00cm x 90.00cm x 115.00cm

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Pup tent 1 man Dutch army camouflage Dutch DPM woodland

This pup tent is easy and quick to set up, as you see in the video below. Also this is one person pup tent of the Dutch army still used by the Royal Army (KL). This first-person pup tent is very well made with a ground sheet which is attached to the tent, so that you have one beautiful whole. At the ends of this puppy sit tent zippers so you can easily connect multiple pup tents. As you can see, this first-person pup tent print Camouflage Dutch DPM. Would you rather buy a pup tent in a desert print? This, of course, we also have at X Military Store!

Wanner this pup tent original Dutch Army (Army) buys the Dutch DPM Camouflage Military Store at X he is of course complete with:

• Carrying the Dutch DPM camouflage

• Split poles

• Herring

• Shaving Lines

• Ground sheet (attached to the pup tent)

In short, with this original pup tent of the army with a camouflage print you're ready to hit the road!

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