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About Us

Since 2012 your specialist in outdoor, survival and bushcraft.
Located in Drenthe the green ♥ of the Netherlands. We love the outdoors.
With us you order and arrange everything for your next adventure.

We love the outdoors. And when we say 'we', we actually mean driving force Olaf. He lives for outdoor, survival and bushcraft.

And the fact that this became his job is a bonus.

Olaf says: "I am a down-to-earth, no-frills Groninger who likes to be outdoors. I love my wife, have three children, a dog and a cat and like to go predatory, beach and ice fishing. I am also a sport shooter, love mountain biking, hiking and wild camping, preferably with a rooftop tent in Scandinavia. I accidentally turned my hobby into my job, and it feels great."

For the most beautiful moments in nature

With everything you can order online and the micro-adventures we organize, we like to get as many people outdoors as possible. We love nature. And of everyone who loves to adventure.

The real adventure is outside. So be sure to watch YouTube videos about micro-adventures. And then book them yourself. We like to help you with that, with honest advice. We think in solutions and believe in the long term. Every day you spend outdoors is a great crowning achievement for us.

So do you have questions about products or want to know more about the micro-adventures we organize? Ask your questions and we'll get back to you soon.