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Sleeping mats

Sleeping mats

Army sleeping mat

Buy Army sleeping mat? Original Defense sleeping mat from the army dump. The best choice for high quality and practical benefits. Ideal during adventures in nature and expeditions you undertake. Order a sleeping mat KL or a field bed as the army uses it to camp.

The mats are from the army dump of Defense, so you pay a competitive price for them with us. Explore the self-inflating mattresses and mats. Especially lightweight and foldable, for easy carrying anywhere. Or in one of the other designs, which we are happy to help inspire you with. A sleeping mat from the military, as our boys and girls have always used it. Used items from Defense, with which you can rely on the highest possible quality.

Buy army sleeping mat

Do you want to buy an army sleeping mat and, to do so, are you looking for original and used gear from Defense? We are your specialist, for example for a camp bed, a folding sleeping mat or a self-inflating mattress. Of course available in army green and other dark camouflage colors, to be able to use it in an almost invisible way.

We have the army sleeping mats and other items from Defense neatly in stock for you, so you can count on it quickly. We'll get on it for you as soon as you place your order. The easiest way to buy the best gear, ideal for an expedition or the outdoor adventure you want to take on.

Questions about our army sleeping mats? Give us a call at 050 211 0916 or use the online contact form ( We look forward to hearing from you.

Camp bed Dutch army green
Our choice Never available again
Field bed original Royal Army (KL) Dutch army green The original fieldbed of the Dutch army. These ex military field beds are known for their rock solid quality. These field beds guarantee great comfort and years of enjoyment thanks to its very stable construction. 208 cm. long and 78 cm. wide..
€ 59.95
Ex Tax:€ 49.55
Self Inflatable Mattress Dutch army green Self Inflatable Mattress Dutch army green
Our choice
Brand: Therm-a-Rest
Self-inflatable mattress Dutch army green..
€ 24.95
Ex Tax:€ 20.62
Sleeping mat Dutch army Sleeping mat Dutch army
Our choice
Sleeping mat KL army Sleeping mat original Royal Army KL Dutch army. High quality foam mat, slightly larger in packsize but cannot leak. Keeps you warmer in winter than a self-inflating mat...
€ 34.95
Ex Tax:€ 28.88
Sleep-lite folding sleeping mat
Our choice
This new foldable sleeping mat fits in your backpack It combines durability and non-sucking qualities as well as insulation and compression resistant. Can be used as a sit mat folded it can be fully unfolded or in any number of combinations Material meets British military standard Size fully open to..
€ 37.50
Ex Tax:€ 30.99
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