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Sleeping bags

Army sleeping bag

Buy Army sleeping bag that was really used by Defense? Available from the army dump, choosing the original quality that our boys and girls use. Order an army sleeping bag M58, an M94 or an M90 KLU. Especially for winter or to face the other challenges in nature.

Looking for a bivouac bag, a sheet bag or one of the other army sleeping bags? You have a wide range to choose from, which will allow you to sleep like the soldiers who have to survive in the middle of nature.

Order an army sleeping bag for winter or choose a modular model that you can use well in different environments. Looking for a Seyntex sleeping bag or another model from the army dump? You pay competitive prices for Air Force models and other items. Especially for the tropics or just for the coldest moments in winter, we'll help you make the best choice.

Buy an army sleeping bag

Buying an army sleeping bag and looking for an M90 KLU, an M80, M94 or an M58? Defense sleeping bags combine the highest possible quality with the tough green and brown colors you can make good use of in the wild. Easy to order online, after which we will make it for you. Your army sleeping bag will arrive quickly, after which you can use it in the challenging environments where you go on expeditions.

Questions about our army sleeping bags? Call us at 050 211 0916 or use the online contact form ( We look forward to hearing from you.

Bivouac sack sleeping bag Dutch army
Our choice
Bivouac sleeping bag KL armyBivac bag for sleeping bag KL original Dutch army When you do not sleep in a tent you can opt for the Gore-Tex bivac which is water- & windproof for just that extra bit of comfort so you can sleep warm at night. This Gore-Tex military sleeping bag is a breathable cover ..
EUR 49.95
Ex Tax:EUR 41.28
M80 sleeping bag NL army original Dutch army..
EUR 64.95
Ex Tax:EUR 53.68
M90 Sleeping bag Dutch Air Force M90 Sleeping bag Dutch Air Force
Our choice
M90 Sleeping bag KLu original Dutch air force The KLU Sleeping Bag M90 from the Dutch Air Force has a zipper on the side and is filled with hollow fibers making it resistant to temperatures of -30. It comes complete with: Bivac bag made of Gore-Tex cover (waterproof & breathable)Inner sheet (..
EUR 219.95
Ex Tax:EUR 181.78
M90 Sleeping bag Dutch air mobile army
Our choice
M90 Sleeping Bag KL Luchtmobiele Brigade original Dutch Army, Luchtmobile Brigade ex sheet bag, including a compression bag This sleeping bag M90 ex Luchtmobile brigade with a compression bag in the Dutch DPM camouflage. Used by the Luchtmobile brigade. This military sleeping bag of the type M90 is..
EUR 79.95
Ex Tax:EUR 66.07
M94 sleeping bag Norwegian army M94 sleeping bag Norwegian army
Our choice Out of stock
M94 sleeping bag Norwegian armyWeight 3.7 kg..
EUR 79.95
Ex Tax:EUR 66.07
Modular sleeping bag Dutch Army
Our choice
Brand: Fesca
Modular sleeping bag original KL Dutch army The modular sleeping system is made to be used under almost all situations and weather conditions. The modular design of this system gives you enough choices so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep in almost all climate regions. The Dutch Army mod..
EUR 129.95
Ex Tax:EUR 107.40
Carinthia Tropen
Out of stock
Brand: Carinthia
Carinthia Tropics 200, Lightweight Sleeping Bag The lightweight sleeping bag from Carinthia The Carinthia Tropen 200 is a lightweight sleeping bag which can be stored very small in its compression sleeve with minimal weight. A special feature of the Carinthia Tropen 200 lightweight sleeping bag is..
EUR 74.95
Ex Tax:EUR 61.94
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