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Modular sleeping bag Dutch Army

Modular sleeping bag Dutch Army
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Modular sleeping bag original Dutch army

The modular sleeping system is made to be used under almost all situations and weather conditions. The modular design of this system gives you plenty of options so that you can enjoy a good night's sleep in almost all climate areas.

The modular sleeping bag of the Dutch army consists of 4 parts:

• Sheet bag: This way your sleeping bag stays nice and fresh and also provides a little bit of extra insulation. You attach it by means of 8 ribbons that are pulled through the loops in the sleeping bag. The sheet bag has a zipper and can also be used without a sleeping bag. Of course you can use the sheet bag in both sleeping bags.

• Summer sleeping bag: Also a mummy model with a weight of 1000 grams. With a very compact packing volume of only 25cm x 19cm. The zipper is on the right side and the hood can be closed by a fly net with zipper. The comfort range is up to + 5o ° C.

• Three seasons sleeping bag: This is a mummy model weighing 1900 grams. The packing volume is of course slightly larger than the summer model and is at 32cm x 27cm. The zipper is in the center front and the comfort range is down to -19 ° C.

• Compression bag: This is where the complete sleeping bag (or its parts) is stored and the packing volume is made as small as possible.

Winter sleeping bag: This is formed by putting the summer sleeping bag in the three-season sleeping bag. The total pack volume will then be 45cm x 27cm. And thanks to the combination you now have a comfort range - 40 ° C. Because the zippers are not on top of each other, you do not suffer from a cold bridge and you benefit from a nice warm night's sleep under harsh conditions.

Weight 3.5 kg.

The modular sleeping bag is perfect for combining with a single arch bivouac.

Please note during storage when you are not using the modular sleeping bag, it must not be compressed. It is best to hang it on the two loops that are attached to the foot end.

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