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Military surplus: military equipment and clothing

Looking for an military surplus for military equipment and clothing? We are your specialist in clothing and equipment used by the Ministry of Defence. We offer used military clothing of the highest quality at very low prices. The items have been used by our guys and girls working for the Ministry of Defence, so you can rely on the highest quality and the practical features you need.

Check out our army surplus range for your luggage needs, for example. Are you looking for ammunition boxes, backpacks or other bags to take your things with you? We're also your food and drink specialist, so you can carry it with you in a safe and practical way.

Second-hand military clothing and equipment

Order second-hand military clothing and equipment, always of the highest possible quality. It is the easiest way to buy tools or items for hygiene and personal care. We are your specialist for used military clothing and military equipment, such as trousers, gloves and mittens. And are you looking for accessories for your head and neck? Thanks to the camouflage colours and solid materials, you can use them in an excellent way.

We are the right place for combat boots and socks, which of course are available in your size. Also be sure to check out our range of camping and sleeping items, for example if you are looking for a sleeping mat. Order an army sleeping bag or a complete tent to stay in. These are ideal during an expedition and other adventures, which take you back to the basics of nature.

Are you looking for equipment and protection? Check out the first aid kits and, for example, everything related to survival. These are ideal for when you’re out in nature, if you are completely on your own. With our wide assortment you can rely on your military equipment, which you have paid a low price for thanks to the military surplus.

Used army clothing: military surplus

The used army clothing and items are available at a reasonable price, directly from our own stock. As soon as you place your order, we will start working on it for you. It's the easiest way to order exactly what you need, and we'll have it delivered to your home. Take advantage of the largest online military surplus, so you can order all types of used military clothing and equipment. It's an ideal way to explore nature for yourself, with equipment and clothing of the highest possible quality, of course.

Questions about our army equipment and clothing? Feel free to call us or use the online contact form. We would love to hear from you.