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Ammunition boxes

Ammunition boxes

Ammunition Box

Buying a real ammunition box? Used ammunition boxes in green, both large and a lot smaller. Looking for a 0.30, 0.50 or other model? Of plastic, like steel or in a metal version: we are your specialist in used equipment and clothing of Defense.

Order the ammunition box in large or small, depending on the ammunition or items you want to store in it. And are you looking for a chest to put down as a collector's item? Check out the ones in plastic and in metal, ensuring a particularly successful item within your collection.

We are your specialist for ammunition boxes, as well as other army equipment. Used by Defense and now available at our Army Dump. Order the ammunition box with 0.30, 0.40 and 0.50 cartridges, of course on sale at a competitive price.

Buy ammunition box

You can buy online the ammunition box you are looking for. We will start working on it for you right away, so you can count on it for art in no time. It's the easiest way to take advantage of the Army dump. Department of Defense used items, opting for the real quality and unique items that you won't easily find anywhere else.

Check out the boxes for ammunition that are available, with the original printing and of course in the beautiful green color that belongs to the army and to Defense. Get inspired with the boxes that are available, which of course we are also happy to tell you more about.

Questions about our army ammunition boxes? Give us a call at 050 211 0916 or use the online contact form ( We look forward to hearing from you.

Ammunition box big 40mm cartridges Ammunition box big 40mm cartridges
Our choice Out of stock
Ammunition box large 40mm cartridgesLxWxH: 31x18x22..
€ 18.95
Ex Tax:€ 15.66
Ammunition chest medium 0.50 Ammunition chest medium 0.50
Our choice Out of stock
Ammunition Box Medium 0.50 A medium size ammunition box in army green. Also, this ammunition box has a rubber sealing ring making it waterproof as well. Dimensions: 30x15x18 cm. ( lxwxh )..
€ 15.75
Ex Tax:€ 13.02
Ammunition chest small Dutch army green
Our choice Out of stock
Ammunition Box, Small, 0.30 A small ammunition box in army green. It also has a rubber seal which makes it waterproof as well. (L) 26 x (W) 9 x (H) 17.5 cm..
€ 12.45
Ex Tax:€ 10.29
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