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Army boots & socks

Army boots & socks
Gaiters Dutch army green
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Overshoes original Dutch Army, Green Waterproof and warm thermo overshoes in green from the Dutch Army. These pull you so over your shoes or boots. Ideal for in the snow and cold. The inside is equipped with artificial fur, this keeps your feet nice and warm, even at extremely low temperatures...
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Shoe polish set with case Dutch army
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Shoe polish set with case original Royal Army (KL), Dutch Army An army shoe polish set. This shoe polish set consists of a case containing 3 separate bags with 3 brushes, 2 soft and 1 hard brush, which are perfect for army boots such as the original Dutch army chest M90 / M400...
€ 9.95
Ex Tax:€ 8.22
KM military socks
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Brand: KM Military
Military socks Original military socks, where the sizing is still original! Firm and warm knitted sock with elastic border. Superwash quality which eliminates shrinkage. Hand-chained sock so color/size marking thread cannot be felt. Fair 70% wool...
€ 12.60
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Leather cream
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Brand: Rapide
Leather Cream Leather cream is a product to maintain leather regularly. Penetrates well into the pores of the leather and keeps the leather supple. Preserves the leather. Directions for use: Rub it in well with a cloth or sponge, let it soak in for a while and rub it out if necessary. With regular..
€ 5.95
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M90 M400 Dutch army boots black
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Brand: Bata
M90 / M400 Army boots original Dutch Army in black Obviously new production, so no old stock.Army boots M90 / M400 are the most original Army boots / Combat boots in the Netherlands. M90 and M400 are production numbers for identically the same combat boot! For the connoisseurs among us, this is the..
€ 99.95
Ex Tax:€ 82.60
M92 Dutch army boots desert
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Brand: KM Military
M92 Army boot KL desert, original Dutch Army M92 original desert boot Pure quality, delivered by X Military Store Order number: F5 408 94 Material: Suede / Nylon..
€ 69.95
Ex Tax:€ 57.81
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