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Head & neck
Col Scarf khaki
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Turtleneck scarf original Royal Netherlands Army (KL) Dutch Army, Khaki The original turtleneck scarf for the men and women of the Dutch Army. It has been lightly used, and this ex military turtleneck scarf comes in the color khaki. Khaki is the new original army color. You pull it over your head ..
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Commando hat Dutch army green
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Command hat army green Nice and warm and comfortable commando hat in green from the Dutch army. This commando hat is made of 100% wool...
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Ushanka Russian hat Soviet army
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Russian hat Soviet ushanka The iconic Russian fur hat, the Soviet ushanka is one of the most Russian pieces of military clothing out there! This model has been around since the mid-20th century and is still released today. This Russian fur hat is made of cotton with a thick wool lining on the outs..
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Winter cap Dutch army Winter cap Dutch army
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Classic desert headwear. Provides protection from sun, sand and wind. Also usable as a winter headgear. Multi-purpose use such as a as a useful mop, dust wiper and of course as a towel. Can completely cover a helmet + face. Weight: 180g (6.3oz) Size: 110cm x 110cm (43 "x43") Size (Large Sand): 11..
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