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M90 Sleeping Bag Dutch Air Mobile Army

M90 Sleeping Bag Dutch Air Mobile Army
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  • Model: NSN 8465-17-106-6479
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  • Dimensions: 25.00cm x 25.00cm x 55.00cm

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M90 Sleeping Bag KL Luchtmobiele Brigade original Dutch Army, Luchtmobile Brigade ex sheet bag, including a compression bag

This sleeping bag M90 ex Luchtmobile brigade with a compression bag in the Dutch DPM camouflage. Used by the Luchtmobile brigade. This military sleeping bag of the type M90 is exclusive of liner (sheet that can be put inside the M90 sleeping bag, this is also easily removable and washable, this also makes the M90 sleeping bag better insulated). Of course with a compression bag in Dutch DPM camouflage. When not sleeping in a tent, you can choose the Gore-Tex bivouac bag option.

The M90 army sleeping bag has a mummy model which allows you to stay nice and warm in this military sleeping bag under all conditions.

The bivouac bag option from Gore-Tex is a breathable cover that you can put over the M90 sleeping bag. You could do this WHEN you are talking about a temporary shelter and when you don't want to put the M90 military sleeping bag directly on the damp ground.

Thanks to the included compression bag, you can compactly store and transport the M90 army sleeping bag. Weight 2.2 kg.

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