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Carinthia Tropics 200, Lightweight Sleeping Bag

The lightweight sleeping bag from Carinthia

The Carinthia Tropen 200 is a lightweight sleeping bag which can be stored very small in its compression sleeve with minimal weight. A special feature of the Carinthia Tropen 200 lightweight sleeping bag is its breathability which is very important for hot and humid tropical nights. The outer shell is loose over the insulation material. Thanks to this technique, the Carinthia Tropen lightweight sleeping bag creates extra layer of insulation.

This construction provides extra warmth during cool and/or foggy nights. In warmer weather, the bottom zipper can be opened for additional ventilation. The zipper is constructed so that it cannot get stuck, therefore you can always get out of the Carinthia Tropen lightweight sleeping bag quickly and easily. Of course, this sleeping bag comes complete with compression cover.

These sleeping bags were delivered by Carinthia in 2008 to the Dutch army, and have never been used, The model which Carinthia in 2008 specially made for the army is not equipped with mesh at the headboard.

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