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Food & beverage

Food & beverage
BCB waterbottle & mug BCB waterbottle & mug
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BCB flask & mugThe BCB standard "BLACK" set is accessible at a competitive price.A black plastic 950 ml flask and a 500 ml mug.Have concerns a heavy version (58 cartridge) with plastic cup with handle screw on top in army style.Dry weight: 227g..
€ 4.95
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Crusader cup canteen
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Crusader mug stainless steel from BCB Bushcraft Made of high quality stainless steel. The mug is designed according to the NATO field flask (58 pattern). Also, of course, it is suitable as part of the Crusader Cooking System. Can also be used as a cooking pot. Available with a black PTFE coating w..
€ 15.95
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Crusader cup lid
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Crusader mug lid from BCB BUshcraft A plastic lid for the classic Crusader mug. Reduces cooking time and keeps dust dirt from having access. Helps reduce waste while walking or sitting in vehicles...
€ 2.95
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Crusader mess tin Crusader mess tin
Never available again
Crusader mess tin from BCB Bushcraft A compact, 2-piece mess tin with a lid that transforms into a frying pan in an instant. Solidly packaged with sturdy clips to prevent rattling when stored in a backpack. In short, a compact, multipurpose, stainless steel and sturdy mess tin..
€ 29.95
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Water purifying tablets
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Brand: Oasis
Significantly reduces contamination of chlorine tablet-based filtered water. Neutralizes bacteria and helps protect you from water-borne disease. 1 tablet treats 1 liter. 1 x 50 tablets NATO approved: NSN-6850-99-2589157..
€ 3.95
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Waterbottle and mug
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A black plastic 950ml (32 oz) bottle capacity and 500 ml (1pint) capacity mug. Issue (58 cartridge) size Heavy duty material Plastic cup with handle Screw top closure British army style Dry weight: 227g (8oz) NATO approved: NSN- 8465-99-9736665..
€ 5.95
Ex Tax:€ 4.92
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